Below is a collection of my previous work. Most projects were completed to the design spec of the customer, taking their concepts and ideas and working them into a practical solution.

Bournemouth Steakhouse

Designed and developed from concept to completion. Complete with a custom Content Management System for updating the menu, allowing the proprietor to add/remove items from the menu or change the prices.


Arena Theatre

A local theatre group wanted to move to a dynamic site from their old static pages. With a custom Content Management System they are now able to add productions and update them with cast, reviews, director's blogs and more.


Pancake Party

A personal project to try and help publicise pancake day, giving people an easy recipe to follow and allowing visitors to vote on which pancake fillings they prefer.


Road to F.A. Cup

A "mockumentary" film following a lower-league team with new management on their F.A. Cup. A simple teaser site with links to their social media presence.


Neural Integration

Describing the process of Neural Integration as a healthcare approach, letting visitors read a snippet from the client's upcoming book on the subject. Calm and soothing colours were required with detailed placing of text and images.


Tenerife Counselling

A relationship counselling site, designed to be calm and inviting.

- coming soon -

The Reptilarium

A brick-and-mortar exotic pet shop, The Reptilarium required a system to keep track of stock whilst offering it on the website with a complete payment system developed using PayPal.


Warring Factions

The landing splash page for a text-based space strategy game.


Alltrades Bournemouth Ltd.

Website built for a local property maintainance specialist, providing contact and service information to visitors.


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